Together with our clients we aim to provide the best health facilities and retirement living available. Cultivating good relationships with multiple stakeholders is key, as is exceptional attention to detail. Aged care should be about celebrating a joyful time of life, and we're lucky to have forward-thinking clients who share our passion for providing a high level of amenity in this sector.

Beautiful and functional public spaces cater for a diverse range of user groups and provide a high level of flexibility. Our ability to understand wider objectives mean that we're able to quickly present concepts and drive towards optimal solutions. Every aspect of the urban environment is carefully considered, as we strive to achieve the most appropriate design response to ensure our clients’ successes.



Our comprehensive understanding of urban design principles means that we're able to work across scales to create homes and communities. This level of planning requires a consideration of many elements at the same time and a negotiation of thresholds between the private and public spheres. We cover it all, from raw feasibility and business case studies to the finer details of crafting a home.


We've been continuously contributing to the development of New Zealand's educational facilities for decades and have completed the master planning, design and refurbishment of a range of successful projects. From classroom upgrades to complete new school builds, our commitment to thorough processes and excellent design solutions continues to grant us recognition and opportunities in this sector.


More than just buildings, we design solutions. We enjoy working with our clients to explore opportunities and come up with the best possible outcome, by combining our knowledge of the commercial property sector with our expertise in both architecture and interiors. Great design – tailored to individual business needs. It's about knowing the sector and putting in the detailed planning and design to ensure an excellent outcome for the developer, owner and users of the space.

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